Make Peace the new Normal

Aktionstag am 27. Mai, organisiert vom Internationalen Versöhnungsbund (IFOR)



Dear Friends and IFOR family,

As the pandemic began to make its way around the planet, several people from different branches within the International Fellowship of Reconciliation felt the need to check in on each other and find out how others were responding to new and old challenges within our collective work for peace.

As the conversations developed we realized that these challenging times provide an opportunity to create a lasting change that would make peace the “new normal” through:

  • COMPASSION: Prioritizing the protection of poor and marginalized people.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Protecting civil liberties and human rights.

  • CHANGE: Using the momentum of this global crisis to shift resources to meet human needs and foster a culture of nonviolence and peace. 

We soon discovered that all wanted to do more than share ideas. We wanted to take a stand, support each other and speak for peace!

On May 19th, IFOR sent an open letter to Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, endorsing his call for a global ceasefire and urging the UN and its Member States to go further to protect human rights and build peace.

We now invite the entire fellowship to join a

Global Day of Action on May 27th

About the Day of Action 

The Day of Action is titled “MAKE PEACE THE NEW NORMAL” and will highlight the need for compassion – accountability – change. Through actions big and small, we aim to raise awareness about the necessity to prioritize peace now and in the future.

Whether you are in lockdown,  moving about and physically distancing, or have yet to be impacted by COVID-19, there are things you can do.

We invite everyone to engage at any or all of following levels:

  • COMMUNITY ACTION: Build community among those whose vulnerability is highlighted by the virus.

  • SPIRITUAL ACTION: Provide a point of spiritual focus and reflection.

  • POLITICAL ACTION: Engage politicians, policy makers and public opinion leaders and authorities about the need to make peace the “new normal”.

Please decide on the types of activity you intend to carry out. A list of activities is available at the end of this post. Scroll down.

One common theme is the need to make people aware that we are taking action. On social media, we will connect our efforts by using the hashtag #MPNN.

Find all ways how to join the day of action here:


  • Frieden